The activities of the nuclear waste watch group have been transferred into the Joint Project group.
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Factsheet Mochovce

nuclear waste watch fights for democratic planning and decision procedures regarding nuclear technology and the nuclear fuel cycle in the European Union.
Nuclear technology is a high risk for the society and a long-term burden for the future.Therefore public control & participation in decision making is a must for a democratic society which strives for sustainable development.
Citizen´s participation is not to be mixed up with a public relations campaign or some information campaign: A public participation process is a new democratic procedure.
The success of a participation process depends on the following conditions:

In the case of nuclear waste a precondition for the discussion of a waste management strategy is the phase out of nuclear energy production.
The decision for or against a site for a final nuclear waste repository has to be taken together with the people living in the vicinity. In addition the approval of the majority of the local population (e.g. local referendum) has to be a binding prerequisite for siting a waste disposal system anywhere.