Summary of answers to our letter by Austrian candidates to the EP

Green Party

Thank you very much for your letter concerning European nuclear policy. I can answer all of the answers you posed with a clear YES.

I consider a much stronger participation for NGOs and citizens in decisions concerning nuclear policy to be a very important goal. The community must be given a fair chance to be involved in the site search and licensing process of nuclear installations.

Moreover, we believe that the Euratom Treaty has to be abolished and the preferential treatment of nuclear power over other energy sources has to end. Austria must not agree to new loans worth billions of Euros for the construction or completion of nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe.

There are many arguments for the abolition of the Euratom-Treaty. The usable articles from the treaty (on health protection, security control) could be transferred to the EU constitution. A reform would also be in line with European competition rules. The liberalization of the electricity market calls for increased transparency, fair access to grids, stronger consumer rights and fair competition rules for electricity producers. The Euratom Treaty is clearly contradicting these conditions.

Dr. Eva Lichtenberger

Social Democrats (SPÖ)

Our candidates fully support your demands and will work in the EU parliament towards achieving them.

In general, the SPÖ sees the reform of the Euratom-Treaty as key to the European nuclear phase-out.

The SPÖ considers as a necessity a Europe-wide nuclear phase and the creation of clear nuclear phase out scenarios for all EU candidate countries, especially in the light of the recently undertaken EU Enlargement. For the remaining operational time of nuclear power plants in Europe, it is necessary to install EU-wide unified and strict safety standards and a strict European nuclear liability law.