The EU Commission launched a public consultation process on the EU energy future:

The Green Paper A Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy

The Green Paper debate is a good opportunity to exchange opinions on the question what type of energy supply the Europeans wish to have in the future. The NGO coalition nuclear-waste-watch has a clear vision of a sustainable energy future without nuclear power. To realize this Europe must set clear priorities in its energy strategy and define ambitious climate change prevention targets:

  1. energy conservation and efficiency
  2. using renewables (wind, solar, biomass, small hydro-power, geothermal energy etc.)
  3. efficient power plants (co-generation of electricity and heat)
  4. natural gas co-generation plants (these can be switched gradually to bio-gas)
  5. clean coal (if it can be proven, that CO-2 storage is safe at the site
  6. no nuclear power plants (not for generation of electricity nor for hydrogen production)

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