As part of the ESPOO procedure a public hearing is taking place on
DATE: JUNE 6, 2006 at 14:00
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ESPOO procedure for ROMANIA

Thanks to the activities of Terra MilleniulIII ROMANIA has notified to PAKS EIA. read their excellent comments and questions!


Licensing process for Paks life extension started in 2002, In April 2006 environmental license process is approaching to its end. The NPP is working on its appeal for operational license, documents are being made.
Paks submitted the detailed environmental study on 14th March, 2006. Public hearing was held on 28th April. Paks NPP invited only the people living in the immidiate surrounding of the plant (10 km).
Energy club wrote a report about this hearing
Austria is the only country who demanded to be included in the EIA process. Austrian citizens could make their comments in the EIA scoping prcedure till 11/09/05, which was then sent to Hungary, An official statement on behalf of the Austrian government was sent to the Hungarian authorities. All other neighbouring countries could also demand to be involved in the EIA procedure.

Romania and Croatia requested only information on the process, but did not demand to participate. Romania is still considering.

Hungarian documents (included the detailed EIA study) dont consider beyond design base accidents - this will probably be the most impor tant discussion between Austria and Hungaria - it is important for all Hungarians living in a distance beyond 10 km from the plant as well, and for all other neighboring countries.

Energy Club is following and participating in the process and informing the media of the development.

Neighboring countries should, in accordance with the Espoo Convention, indicate their intentions to participate in the EIA process to the Hungarian Ministry of Environment. NGOs should raise this issue to their governments, to take the relevant steps in this issue.

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