Why is the nuclear waste issue important NOW?

for phase-out of nuclear power
The unsolved nuclear waste issue is seen as the biggest problem of nuclear power by the public. However, promoters of nuclear energy try to present this question as technically solved.

to stop attempts to build new nuclear power plants as a climate change remedy
- We have to highlight the unsolved situation of nuclear waste; highlighting this makes it impossible to promote nuclear energy as a ultimate climate saving energy form.

to prevent green wash solutions in the EU
- The EU is putting forward proposals for legislation in the field of nuclear waste management. Therefore we have to get active NOW if we want to ensure public participation, transparency and prevent them from finding a cheap, dangerous solution or solutions like waste export to Russia. Several pieces of legislation are being prepared by the European Commission right now.

to prevent a ´nuclear revival´
- there is no serious sign of a nuclear revival, but the industry is busily trying to make their reactors cheaper and get some more public money here and there. The word waste is not mentioned, therefore we have to do it.